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*Everything you should know about your child learning music

*A good teacher is so important

*So... what changes can I expect to notice?

*Music builds concentration

*Music... a real confidence booster

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*"Practice Makes Perfect"

*Stickers, Stamps and Music Awards

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Everything you should know about your child learning music.

Remember when you were a child... Music lessons were something to be endured rather than enjoyed. All those tedious scales and boring pieces to practise. Well, all that can be different now. Your child can love his or her lessons and truly enjoy learning music.

1.) Sit with them for the first few months of lessons, as often as possible. For those younger children, call it "Play Time" and not "Practice." Children need help in developing the discipline to practice on their own.

2.) If possible, choose the same time and duration each day. For example, each day immediately after school for a minimum of 20 - 30 minutes. (especially before everyone is too tired). If you miss a day here and there, don't be concerned. You could also try splitting the practice time into 2 equal sessions of 15 minutes - in the morning and afternoon.

3.) Positive feedback is very important. Help your child through the ups and downs. Be cheerful and encouraging always. At the end of your practice session, make sure the last thing you do is fun. Do not withhold lessons as a punishment especially for not practicing. Find an alternative if you must ( withholding TV, video games, computer time, etc. )

4.) Years of Study. We know through years of experience that if a child stays with lessons for at least three years, he or she will have a foundation and appreciation of music that will last a lifetime. A priceless gift. The first year is fun. The second is more challenging. In the third year, interesting music is ready to be mastered, and your child will be considered a "musician."

5.) Your child may want to quit from time to time. This is normal. Music lessons can go through difficult stages at times. It is at these times, discontinuing lessons may seem to be the obvious solution. Children, who are allowed to quit, rarely return to lessons. Adults, who quit too early as children, often wish their parents had made them "stick with it." We have never heard a parent say, "I'm glad my parents let me quit."

It is often those children who frequently take lessons with us as adults. If the subject of quitting comes up, we recommend that you be the "decision maker." A child is not capable of seeing ahead and realizing the value of a music education. We make all kinds of decisions that we know are best for our children.

A good teacher is so important.

Your teacher is specially chosen for their warmth, enthusiasm and ability to relate to children. They are so committed to being the best they can, they give some of their holiday time to attend American Music teacher training seminars twice a year, to learn more. Not only that, but your classes are assessed regularly by skilled American Music World instructors who work with your teacher to further improve their teaching. That's the commitment American Music World teachers make to you!

So... what changes can I expect to notice?

In no time at all your child will be playing and enjoying all kinds of music. You'll have great sound recordings for your child to practice along with at home.


A significant positive correlation has been shown between music study and increased math, science, reading, history and SAT scores

With the extra attention they will receive on developing listening skills, soon you'll notice your child will delight in working out songs they have heard.

You know, to many people, the language of music is a mystery but it need not be.

American Music World courses are specially designed so your child will have a greater appreciation for and understanding of music. Some children even form their own CD listening library.

Music builds concentration.

These comments from parents say it all...

"...(my child) has only been learning for 6 months but I have noticed he is able to sit and concentrate for longer periods now"


"His behaviour has improved both at home and at preschool. His concentration is better and he's learning to read easily. Being able to master a song improves his self esteem which, of course affects everything else."

Music... a real confidence booster

One of the greatest gifts we can have as individuals is a good level of self confidence or self esteem. Performing for others, is one of the best ways to improve self esteem.

A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges.
~Benny Green





 In a recent client survey, parents commented that through learning music at American Music World they had noticed significant improvements in their child's self esteem and confidence. Let's share some of their comments with you...

"(my child) was in need of confidence with interacting with peers at preschool. It was through her music that she came to gain this. Michelle started to play simple songs like "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Magic Socks" to her class on the preschool piano. This experience of doing something she loved which the other children thought was great has helped make Michelle a very confident little girl who can make friends happily and is now ready for school next year. Thank you."
Sharon H., Oak Park IL.

"The depth and breadth of Michael's music experience has, we believe, greatly contributed to Michael's openness and enthusiasm towards many life experiences, including music. It's also taught him that he can achieve things he previously thought beyond him... we often say to him "Hey, remember White Caps" when he feels a goal is beyond him"
Joe K.,- Forest Park IL.

Concerts Concerts Concerts

From the beginning, your child will gain confidence by performing for his or her class mates. From here it's on to the slightly larger Chamber Concerts held each term.

Then there's the annual American Music Festival where all students are encouraged to perform and receive their Gold Medallion and Performers Certificate to celebrate the occasion - not to be missed! Practice is Fun at American Music World 

AND (of course) ...

"Practice Makes Perfect"

Music practice can be fun - what a big statement! Your child will have recordings to play along with at home, weekly home activity sheets and practise incentives making practice sessions more fun. You know, many parents have told us they can't keep their child away from the keyboard at home!

Stickers, Stamps and Music Awards

Little incentives for attending lessons and practising go a long way. Stickers, stamps and rewards are all part of the mix at American Music World.

Is my child too young?

Ask any musician... being able to play music is one of the great joys in life. It is something your child can do for the rest of their life and it is best to start young. It is a widely researched fact that learning music from as young as 3 or 4 does improve learning ability in general and will lead to music becoming an integral part of life for your child and your family.

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