What instrument should my child play? *American Music does not offer all instruments!



Youngest age
to start

Physical characteristics and advice


4 years +

A great place to start! Forms a good basis for learning any other instrument. No daily tuning required. Easy to understand – pitch is set out in order from lowest to highest. Forte courses best for 4 – 8 year beginners.

Guitar – Acoustic

8 years +

Best age =
Teens & Adult

Requires highly developed fine motor skills and co-ordination. Classical (nylon strings) – usually best for beginners because nylon is easier on the fingers. Steel string guitars for rock and pop beginners with high pain threshold!

Guitar – Electric

8 years +

Easier for the young beginner because strings are closer to the frets and the neck is narrower. Bass is another for of electric guitar. Bass guitar – easy to play especially after gaining the basics on electric/acoustic.

Voice Training

Teen / Adult

This is your instrument! There’s lots of fun to be had here. Sing solo or join a choir. Good for stress release, personal development and confidence building. Learn your favourite music be it opera, pop or from famous shows.


5 years +

Slow going at first. Requires highly developed fine motor skills and good sense of pitch. At first, emphasis is on the mechanics – bowing technique and pitch production. Patience and persistence is required.


13 years +

Difficult to blow. Uses very small reed and requires solid diaphram control. Best learned when experience has been gained on clarinet. Concert pitch instrument uses treble clef.


9 years +

Easy to play instrument. Heavier that a clarinet, can be loud and overpowering – great for outgoing personalities. Reed instrument, popular in bands. Four types:- Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone. Alto is most popular for beginner.


9 years +

Mouth shape is important. Teeth not protruding too far. Braces can be a problem. Great for outgoing personality with plenty of raw energy. Diaphram control and facial muscle are strengthened. Thin lips can be an advantage.


9 years +

Easier to play than trumpet as it has a larger mouthpiece. Well-balanced instrument held across the shoulder. Mischievous and fun to play offering a large range of sounds. Longish arms, an advantage.


9 years +

Easy to play – large mouthpiece. Larger instrument, heavier that most with deeper sound. Sits on lap to play. Versatile:- lots of beautiful lyrical lines as well as the ‘oompa’ lines of the tuba.


11 years +

Lower pitch instrument with more mellow sound. Can be more opportunities in orchestra as there are fewer players. Degree of difficulty similar to violin.


11 years +

Requires highly developed fine motor skills and good sense of pitch. Larger instrument to carry around. Stronger left hand required. Sit down to play. Uses floor grip for long spike.


9 years +

Great stress relief for high-energy people! Natural rhythm and co-ordination – an advantage. Almost instant result. Practice facilities available at some Forte locations. You can even join a marching band!


9 years +

The “jack of all trades” section! Flexibility and co-ordination is important. Best learnt in conjunction with another instrument, especially piano as xylophone, etc are based on keyboard layout. Some percussion included in Forte courses.

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