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Ok, Your family has decided to take piano lessons or the kids are showing some promising results and /or you've decided to take up piano again. Whether this is your first keyboard instrument or your moving up from the old, tired upright/keyboard, purchasing a used piano can be a very good choice. Quality pianos can last for 60 to 80 years when well maintained so if you can find one in good condition it can give your family many years of service.

Buyer Beware!Free Piano- Just Haul Away!
Commonly found on Craigs list, most of these used pianos are very old and have not been used or maintained and since major repairs or rebuilding is so expensive we suggest utilizing the services of a reputable piano tuner / technician to inspect the piano in the persons home. Pianos that need anything more then a tuning and some adjustments should not be considered.

Choosing a rebuilt or refurbished piano is another consideration. Your local, reputable dealer piano store will almost always offer an extensive warranty and post sale service so you can be certain of complete satisfaction.  For over 30 years American Music World has staffed master technician that recondition, restore, and rebuild piano of every kind.

Here are the common problems when people are looking for that bargain used piano.

1. Tuning Pins - The tuning pins are what the steel piano wire is attached to and with each wire producing 300 lbs of tension the tuning pins must be tight in order for the piano to hold tune. Loose pins are very common on old pianos and many may have been doped(crazy glue poured around pin), Tapped(each pin is pounded deeper into piano pinblock) or several have been replaced with oversized pins. Any reputable Piano technician will tell you to avoid any piano with these problems.
2. Action (efficiency of motion of Keys, hammers and moving parts) - Even the best piano in the world require action regulation and adjustment about every 5 years, depending on amount of use. Changes in climate throughout the years and piano use make regulation very necessary. Professional aligning, balancing and leveling of the moving parts is very time consuming and costly.

3. Sound Board - the wood producing the piano's tone. This is the speaker of the piano and if badly cracked or if it's lost is crown the piano will be void of a decent tone.

4. Hammers - When piano have not been properly maintained the hammers will worn out and will require replacement-One more costly repair.

5. Refinishing Piano Case - Quality refinishing work is expensive because it's very hard work requires a skilled craftsman. many people learn the hard way that piano refinishing is not a do it your self project.

6. Bridges - the bridges of pianos have the job of transferring the vibration of the string to the wood sound board. It's not uncommon the the bridges to crack, split or loose their bearing therefore requiring a major repair job.

7. Strings - Rusty old piano wire becomes very brittle and will easily break when tuned(stretched). Even if they appear to be i
n good condition the  copper wound bass string tend to loose their tone and sound tubby.


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