Yamaha  Disklavier Model  DC6, 7' Grand Piano

Yamaha Disklavier Model DC6, 7' Grand Piano

Yamaha  Disklavier Model  DC6, 7' Grand Piano
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Yamaha's commitment to the continuous reevaluation of the core processes of sound creation has made the grand pianos of the C series the best-selling grand pianos in the world. The technically-demanding regulation process that is essential to a grand piano's superior tone is given special emphasis in these instruments. Countless hours have been spent perfecting the hammers, strings, and the balance of the damping mechanism, with the final goal of rendering each and every note faithful to the intentions of the pianist.

Top-of-the-Line Disklavier Performance for Studio and Music Professionals

Servo Control Delivers Unprecedented Playback Precision

Disklavier Pro Series grand pianos set the highest standards of accuracy in acoustic reproduction. Using feedback between sensor and drive system components under the command of specially developed LSI microprocessors, the servo control system continuously monitors the movement of each key, precisely recreating every detail of the original performance. High-speed processing and an internal compensation system virtually eliminate any speed or timing deviations, while built-in calibration ensures consistently perfect playback.

Advanced Drive Components Extend the Range of Performance

Special high-powered solenoids respond instantly and accurately to playback signals generated by the high-sensitivity recording sensors, reproducing a wider range of dynamic control than has ever been possible before. From the most delicate pianissimo to thundering fortissimo, the Disklavier Pro accurately records and recreates the full spectrum of musical expression.

Dual Optical Key and Hammer Sensors Capture Every Nuance

A sophisticated system of optical sensors records every motion of the keys with meticulous precision – even keys touched only for harmonic value or to ease a fingering transition, without sounding the strings. Continuous-position key motion sensors register key speed, depth and release speed, while hammer sensors register the speed of each hammer blow. Together, they form the most accurate system available for reproducing keyboard performance, all without any mechanical interference with keyboard touch or response. A special dual-position shutter allows hammer sensors to deliver optimal performance in both normal and Silent modes.

Key-Release Sensing Delivers Superior Damper Control

Sensors on the Disklavier Pro Series grands register not only the down stroke but the release speed of the keys – a major advance in Disklavier technology. This generates the data required for accurate damper control, reproducing the delicate nuances of staccato and legato phrasing. Even conventional software, recorded without this additional key-release data, sounds better on the Disklavier Pro Series pianos, as these instruments determine and recreate the natural release speed for each keystroke.

Servo Controlled Pedaling Provides Exceptional Accuracy

Sustain and shift pedals are equipped with continuous-position digital optical sensors and servo-controlled drive units, controlled by their own dedicated processor. These support precise levels of incremental movement to faithfully reproduce every pedaling action of the recording or performing artist.

New Control Unit Upgrades Features and Functionality

The new Pro Series grands include CD and floppy disk drives. They're compatible with a wide range of music software and can reproduce both audio and MIDI tracks in conjunction with the piano. Internal memory has increased to 16 MB, in 16 linkable memory disks. A clock/timer lets you program automatic playback and time-stamp MIDI data for PC editing. Digital instrumentation now offers a far wider range of selectable voices.

New! CD Software Compatible

The new Disklavier Pro Series full-function models now play compact disc software in addition to floppy disks, further expanding your options for musical entertainment. This enables your Disklavier piano to reproduce high-fidelity vocal and instrumental audio tracks, so you can experience the sound of your favorite groups – complete with vocalists and instrumental soloists – enhanced by the live concert presence of Disklavier acoustic piano playback. With a variety of audio/MIDI CD software already available, and others including the exciting new Yamaha PianoSoft PlusAudio™ titles in development or production, your Disklavier can offer you a wider variety of prerecorded concerts than ever before – all with the convenience, durability and ease of use of conventional audio CDs.

Powerful Pro MIDI Data Format Holds Expanded Performance Information

To achieve its superior recording and playback performance, the Disklavier Pro generates extra MIDI data to accommodate precision parameters. All essential data such as hammer speed, key release speed and pedaling is recorded and reproduced within the standard MIDI format, enabling full compatibility with other MIDI devices. For recording piano performances with even more subtlety and detail, you can select the expanded Yamaha XP MIDI format. This utilizes general-purpose controller numbers in the MIDI specification to record additional performance data including key speed and stroke depth, for recordings of enhanced sensitivity and precision. Multi-mode flexibility allows the Disklavier Pro to interact smoothly with existing MIDI configurations and reproduce data generated in either XP or enhanced mode, with automatic selection of the appropriate playback format.

Silent System Offers Privacy and Aids Multi-track Recording

The Yamaha Grand Silent System provides additional versatility. With the touch of a button, you can prevent the hammers from striking the strings, while generating superb real-time digital piano tones – so true to life that they even recreate the harmonic resonance resulting from incremental use of the sustain pedal. The Silent System is also ideal for multi-track recording, allowing you to record orchestral tracks from the piano keyboard without sounding the piano. An exclusive Quick Escape™ action mechanism and dual-mode sensors automatically compensate for hammer stroke variations, maintaining natural touch and response in both Silent and conventional modes.

XG 'Ensemble' Tone Generator Produces Hundreds of Instrumental Voices

An integrated Yamaha XG tone module can generate 697 digital voices, 491 of which are now selectable at the control panel. This makes it easy to record other instrumental sounds in addition to the piano, or reproduce fully orchestrated piano/ensemble concerts through headphones or your own amplified speakers.

SmartKey™, now anyone can play – right away!

For anyone who's ever dreamed of playing the piano, but thought they didn't have time to learn, the new Disklavier grands can make your dream come true, without lessons, and even if you've never touched a keyboard or read a note of music in your life! 

With the new SmartKey feature, it's easy. Just follow along as SmartKey partially depresses the next note to play. Within minutes, you'll be playing entire songs, complete with virtuoso harmonies and arpeggios, played to your lead by the Disklavier itself. 

CueTime™, another exciting new integrated feature, offers sophisticated auto-accompaniment. You simply play the piano part, and the digital orchestra 'follows your cue,' matching your pace and enhancing your melody with professional-sounding instrumentation.

Yamaha Grand Piano Action Provides Consistantly Superior Control

The responsive sensitivity of the grand piano action makes this an incomparable MIDI controller – far superior to any digital keyboard – as well as a superb acoustic instrument. Silent System technology lets you 'turn off the piano' when playing on connected equipment. You can even cancel the movement of keys or pedals during playback, to facilitate overdubbing or collaborative performance.

MIDI and Computer Interfaces add Power and Versatility

Terminals, including MIDI In/Out, AUX In/Out and a pair of headphone jacks, let you link with external devices. And the direct computer interface gives you easy access to PC software, peripherals and the Internet.

'Standard' Disklavier Functions Offer Uncommon Flexibility

In describing the advanced features of the Disklavier Pro, it's easy to overlook the remarkable capabilities of 'standard' Disklavier pianos. Keyboard-direct recording onto standard floppy disks or internal memory disks, for example. 'Live' acoustic playback complete with key and pedal movement, plus tempo, volume and transposition controls. Separate left/right recording and independent playback. Repeat, search, utility functions and more. These features are all available on the Disklavier Pro Series as well.

Dual Position Shutter

A special dual-position shutter allows hammer sensors to deliver optimal performance in both normal and Silent modes.

Yamaha Servicebond™ Assurance Program

The Yamaha Servicebond Assurance Program is provided to the customer, without additional charge, 3-8 months after delivery of their piano. This service is a thorough check up and adjustment procedure to "rejuvenate" a piano after play-in and acclimation to its new environment. After 3-8 months or so of settling and becoming acclimatized, the piano will receive the benefit of a service visit to return it to the conditions specified by the manufacturer.


  • Yamaha's Best!  Japanese Made 6'7" Bay Grand Piano- Made for U.S. Market
  • Built in 1997 
  • Dimensions: L 6' 7"  W 59" H 40"  
  • Huge powerful expressive sound 
  • Came from a Chicago area home where it was used lightly.
  • Inspected by Certified Piano Technician with 30 years experience. 
  • Entire case and bench are new/showroom condition 
  • All hardware polished to new
  • 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Delivered by the 25 yr experienced piano movers. 
  • Includes free home tuning by certified piano technician 
Offered at the price of what entry level pianos are selling for you can own what the all the pros perform on.

 Questions? Call 708-516-2506 

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